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The Impact of Changes in Public Administration on the Development of Neoconservative Ideas in the United States


This article analyzes the peculiarities of US government, political elites and changes in governance, including the US Democratic presidential election victory and its impact on neoconservative domestic and foreign policy, and the impact of the new democracies' political decisions on the development of neoconservative ideas. It also assessed the peculiarities of the political processes under President Barack Obama and the trends in the development of neoconservative views.

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Abdusamadov, F., & Turaev, A. (2020). The Impact of Changes in Public Administration on the Development of Neoconservative Ideas in the United States. Архив Научных Публикаций JSPI, 1(11). извлечено от https://science.i-edu.uz/index.php/archive_jspi/article/view/2952

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Farrux Abdusamadov

Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute

Abrar Turaev

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neoconservatism, national interests, elections, political elites, liberal leadership, foreign policy, Middle East


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